Swimming Pool New Rules

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25th September 2020


Dear Owners and Residents,

As stated in previous notices, the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic and our pool closure has been constantly under review by the Strata Committee (SC) – contrary to repeated negative statements made by a resident.

As summer approaches, and having considered recommendations from Legal, Health & Safety and Insurance providers, the SC has determined to conditionally open the pool from 1st October 2020, with some restrictions, appropriate signage and a COVID-19 Safety Plan applicable to pools.

The original basis for closing the pool was because of the real and serious COVID-19 threat to the health of residents, especially those most vulnerable. Public pools and other venues were also closed.

Subsequently, when public pools were reopened, they were only to operate under various conditions and restrictions – such as full-time supervision by staff appropriately trained and insured.

To avoid any possible litigation by anyone contracting the virus as a result of using our pool without similar costly controls, it was decided to keep our pool closed for the time being, while specialist Legal, Insurance and Risk Analysis advice was sought. These full multi-page reports will be available from the Strata Manager.

It is important to note the legal advice to the SC that a Strata pool to which the public (visitors) is admitted could be regarded as a public swimming pool and thereby be subject to the same onerous conditions. Accordingly, for economy, safety and practical reasons, one of the conditions for The Village pool to be reopened during this pandemic, is that access be restricted to residents only for the time being.

Entry will be by electronic registration, (using swipe devices for tracing purposes) in order to avoid out-of-area contacts and fairness in giving priority to residents, as total numbers are limited.

A Pool Risk Assessment has identified the potential risks associated with reopening, and the mitigation of risk by community transmission. In line with Industry Guidelines and the Public Health Order, pool users will be expected to comply with the 1.5m, 4 sq. m, physical distancing, hand sanitisation and hygiene measures.

The advice recommends that the capacity of the pool and its surrounds be limited to 25 people at a time. In addition, the COVID-19 Safety Plan requires that “touch” surfaces be minimised and staff used to clean frequently throughout the day. For this reason, the change room and toilet will remain closed.

To enable mandated cleaning, the hours of operation will be from 7 am to 7 pm. The full list of conditions for pool entry/use is attached and will be displayed at the pool.

Please note that disregarding these COVID-19 precautions could affect our insurance cover.

We anticipate that the conditions/rules will be relaxed further. In the meantime, the SC thanks everyone for their patience and understanding of the efforts being taken to protect the legal, health and safety interests of ALL owners and residents during this pandemic. Messages of support have been appreciated.

Kind Regards,

The Village SP 81718 Strata Committee



COVID-19 Rules – Pool & Surrounds 1st October 2020

  1. Persons entering the pool and its surrounds do so at their own risk.
  2. The Owners Corporation will not be held responsible for any transmission of the virus on these premises.
  3. Do not use this facility if you feel unwell or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. The pool and its surrounds are for use of residents only – no visitors for the time being.
  5. Access is by swipe device registered to the resident, for use by the resident only.
  6. Details of entry/exit will be recorded on the access system and will be kept for 28 days.
  7. No more than 25 people at a time allowed in the pool and its surrounds.
  8. Observe social distancing of 1.5 m and 4 sq. m per person.
  9. Groups from different households should not congregate.
  10. Shower and change at home. The changeroom and toilet will remain closed in order to significantly reduce the number of “touch” points and associated cleaning.
  11. Breach of any of these rules may result in cancellation of entry to the pool area.