Pool Security Australia Day Weekend

The Resident/s, 22, January 2018

The Village

197 Condamine Street,




As the Strata Managing Agents of the above m entioned strata scheme, we write in relation to the use of swimming pool and arrangements made to monitor the use of the swimming pool over the Australia Day Long Weekend.

As a trial, the Owners Corporation have made arrangements to engage the services of a security guard to monitor the swimming pool over the Australia Day Long weekend.

The services of the security guard will be in operation from the late morning until the early evenings on Friday 26 January, Saturday 27 January 2018 and Sunday 28 January 20 18 , weather permitting.

The entrance gate, near Wyndham will be locked off and the gate near Harthill will be the only method of entry and exit to the swimming pool area, so the guard can check who is entering, their residential status and or identificat ion so as to prevent unlawful entry into the pool by non – residents.

It should be noted, at one stage 2 weeks ago, there was approximately 70 person s in the pool, mostly non – residents. The pool water became contaminated and dirty as the auto – control syste m ran out of chlorine, even though it has been topped up the day before. There were also instances where residents brought in approximately 15 – 17 guests each (mainly children).

The swimming pool is available for u se by all residents to use, therefore, please ensure you consider your neighbours in the vicinity of the swimming pool by keeping noise down to a minimum so as not affect their peaceful enjoyment and ensure to respect fellow pool users.

The Owners Corporation wish to reiterate some of the rules regarding the use of the swimming pool facilities. The rules are contained in the registered by – law applicable to The Village and are detailed below for your ease of reference and attention.

30 Swimming Pool and Recreation Facilities

30.1 An Owner or Oc cupier must (and must ensure that any Authorised User does):

a) not use the swimming pool and its surrounds between the hours of 10.00pm and 6.00am;

b) ensure that his or her Authorised Users do not use the swimming pool or its surrounds unless that Owner or Oc cupier or another Owner or Occupier accompanies them;

c) ensure that children are not in or around the swimming pool unless accompanied by an adult Owner or Occupier exercising effective control over them;

d) ensure that glass containers or receptacles of any ty pe are not taken to (or allowed to remain in) the swimming pool or its surrounds;

e) exercise caution at all times and not run or splash or behave in any manner that is likely to interfere with the use of the pool by other persons;

f) not, without proper authority, operate, adjust or interfere with the operation of any equipment associated with the swimming pool or add any chemical or other substance to any water in the pool;

g) at all times be adequately clothed so as not to be likely to offend other persons using the swimming pool or its surrounds;

h) be adequately clothed and dry when leaving or entering the swimming pool area of the Building;

i) not smoke, eat, drink or consume alcohol in the pool or its surrounds;

j) not use balls, boogie boards or large inflated objects in the pool;

k) must not use the swimming pool for commercial or business purposes;

l) comply with any rules that the Executive Committee may add or vary with respect to the

use of the Recreational Facilities from time to time.

The arrangements have been made so that all residents can enjoy the use of the swimming pool. The Owners Corporation appreciates your cooperation and understanding.

Should you require further information or wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact the unde rsigned.

Yours faithfully,



Licensed Strata Manager