Maintenance Upgrades and Replacements

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30 September 2020

Newsletter from The Village Building Management (BFMS), and the Strata Committee.

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we usually had a number of Strata Management meetings at Club Totem throughout a year, at which residents and owners would be brought up-to-date on progress of new and scheduled maintenance activities. This has not been possible this year, so instead, our Strata Manager has provided several brief updates for residents via emails and letters. During the next 12 months, there will be a number of essential maintenance upgrades and replacements. This newsletter is intended to give residents and owners a better understanding of these undertakings.

Most of these were included and approved in last year’s budget and ordered, but not yet installed or activated due to COVID-19 delays. There are now some additional costs associated with some of these, but they are included in this year’s budget.

Intercom systems replacement

The current system is eleven years old and is now redundant. With the frequency of breakdowns increasing and parts no longer being manufactured, the system is too cost-prohibitive to support.

The new system to be installed will have the latest handsets or video monitors and other technical improvements. Every unit will have new handsets installed, with new cameras at entrances. A number of units have video monitors – they will be replaced by advanced colour monitors. All other units with standard handsets will have the latest of these installed.

There will be an option to upgrade a standard handset to a video one at owner’s cost – about $160. Examples of all the new handsets can be viewed in Garry’s office.

Residents will be advised when an installation start date is determined and schedule established.


Common Area carpet replacement

After eleven years, the carpet in all the common areas (e.g. 50 lift lobbies) needs replacing.

It was decided that the most practical and appropriate solution was to install cushion-back carpet tiles, making repairs to any future damage more cost-effective and easier to replace.

Mist Inspired carpet tile with cushion back is the ordered product. A sample of this is in Garry Dhu’s office. Residents will be advised as soon as an installation schedule established.


Hot Water Systems replacement

The hot water systems in most buildings required replacing – changing from the original Rheem and Raypack to the more cost-effective and energy-efficient Rinnai heaters.

This work has been underway during the year and will continue for the next 12 months.


Annual Fire Safety defect repairs – fire dampers

Quite a number of units were discovered to have defective fire dampers or have insufficient ceiling access panels to service and maintain the fire dampers.

Work is currently underway to complete these repairs – residents are being advised of when the work schedule will affect them.


Window Corrosion

There are a significant number of windows in The Village with salt-affected corrosion.
Agreement was reached last year with Lend Lease to inspect all windows in all units and repair/replace the affected ones – at LL’s cost.

Unfortunately, this work has been deferred due to COVID-19, LL’s staffing requirements and to social distancing and duty of care to residents during the necessary access to their units.

New inspection schedules are being sought with LL’s contractors.


Television Amplifiers

Again, after eleven years, the Foxtel and Free-to-air amplifiers need replacing to improve and increase reception in all buildings. This work is underway.

Water penetration

Water has been penetrating through garden beds and pathways around the Village into the retail shopping centre. Although this primarily affects Stockland, this category of repair is a BMC shared-facility expense, so Residential shares some of the cost.

Some work has been completed along Sylvan Ave., but further work will continue well into 2021.


Garden Maintenance

As our gardens have matured and become more established over the years, the man-hours needed to maintain them are now insufficient. There has been no increase since 2014, so an increase is overdue.

The cost of approved additional hours is included in this year’s budget, as has the landscaping cost of the additional plants, grass and pavers in the area between Brimbecomb and Dobroyd.


Balcony Sliding louvres

Three large sliding louvres in Wyndham broke off and are to be replaced, as they cannot be repaired.
A manufacturer was eventually found who could replicate the original specification. Scaffolding has now to be erected to install the new louvres. Units affected have been advised.


Hand sanitiser Stations

These were ordered early in the year because of COVID-19, but supply was very limited and had to be sourced from overseas – leading to quite a delay.

Seventeen were eventually installed in all ground floor and car park entries and a further four are about to be installed around the pool area.