Keeping of Animals

Dear Sir or Madam,


As the Managing Agents of the abovementioned Strata Scheme, we write in relation to the keeping of animals at The Village.

We have received reports to our office that residents are allowing their dogs to bark loudly and continuously, and to freely roam the common property. We advise that this practice is not only affecting the peaceful enjoyment of your neighbours, but is also a contravention of the by-laws applicable to The Village and in particular, by-laws 5 & 21;

By-Law 5 – Noise
5.1 An Owner or Occupier must not create any noise on a Lot or the Common Property likely to interfere

with the peaceful enjoyment of the Owner or Occupier of another Lot or of any person lawfully using Common Property

By-Law 21 Keeping of Animals
21.2 The Owner or Occupier or any Authorised User who keeps an Animal User who keeps an animal on the Lot under By-law 21.1 must at all times:

  1. a)  keep the animal within the Lot;
  2. b)  restrain (eg by leash or pet cage) and control the animal, including cats, at all times when it is on the Common Property;
  3. c)  take such action as may be necessary to clean all areas of the Lot or the Common Property that are

soiled by the animal; and
d) ensure that the animal does not cause unreasonable interference (including in relation to the

generation of noise) to Owners or Occupiers of any other Lot.

Residents are advised to ensure their animals do not cause a nuisance and are restrained (either by leash or pet cage) at times whilst on the common property.

Should further complaints be received, the Owners Corporation reserve their right to order the removal of the animal/s and may choose to make an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for further enforcement action
We appreciate your cooperation and diligence in this matter and should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our office direct on (02) 9219 4111.

Yours faithfully,


ANDREW UCCHINO Licensed Strata Manager