General Information

Moving In or Out

Please ensure your removalist views this page to prevent damage to your property and the building. As this is the access point for all residents into and out of the building it is imperative we avoid congestion.  If possible plan your move outside peak times as it will ensure a faster transition. You must contact Garry the Facilities Manager on 02 9949 8063 at least 1 business day before your move so arrangements can be made for lift protective coverings. For further details please download Moving Into The Village and New Resident Information SP81718 2016 with instructions of procedures and by-laws concerning moving in and out of The Village. (Please click on images to enlarge).


Visitors Parking

Please note access is only available from the Woodland Street end of Griffiths Street. You may exit into Condamine Street but only to turn left.

The following concise images (click on images to enlarge) provide vital information to assist your family and friends park in the visitor carpark whilst visiting.  Please note parking if for guests only and not to be used by residence for 2nd vehicles.  You may be able to lease additional parking if required, inquire with the Facilities Manager or check the Real Estate page.

Boom Gate

Please take caution when approaching the boom gate.  DO NOT TAILGATE the vehicle ahead of you, instead wait for the boom gate to close and then hold down your remote button #2 to open the boom gate.

Please note 24 hour surveillance cameras are operating and license plates of all vehicles, motorbikes are recorded.

Sylvan Avenue

Sylvan Avenue is a walk through access only, it is not possible to access The Village in a motor vehicle. The Townhouses are independent of The Village and this area is reserved for the Townhouse residents only.

Bikes and Skateboards are NOT to be ridden on Sylvan Avenue or The Village pathways and plaza.


LARGE ITEM DELIVERIES items such as furniture and large white goods should be delivered to the Griffiths Street entrance, see Visitors Parking above. You must contact the Facilities Manager on 02 9949 8063 prior to delivery to ensure the protective covers are placed on the lift walls.

If possible avoid morning and evening peak times when most residents are using the residents entrance. Sylvan Avenue is not an access for deliveries, and is to be used by the Woodland Terraces residents ONLY.

Australia Post Parcel Lockers

Australia Post Parcel Lockers are located near the Stockland Management Office and The Fish Café, these are a great way to have small parcels delivered during the day. You will be required to register your details with Australia Post.  For more information or to register for a parcel locker click on

The Village Grounds

The Village comprises of 6 Buildings

  • Brimbecomb – 1 & 3 Sylvan Avenue
  • Wyndham – 2 Sylvan Avenue
  • Lauderdale – 4 Sylvan Avenue
  • Cove – 5 Sylvan Avenue
  • Harthill – 6 Sylvan Avenue
  • Dobroyd – 7 & 9 Sylvan Avenue

Power Outages

Please download the following document in regards to instructions for Power Outages.

The Village Power Outage PDF